The Colorifics, Vancouver's foremost all original Swing Latin Cabaret Pop act, formed near the end of previous century, in the year 1995. Reacting to the aggressive, non-melodic and rhythmically monotonous music that seemed to be prevalent at the time, Bernard Boulanger decided to write melodic music that was softer in initial approach to draw people in prior to shaking them up. Drawing from the entire history of recorded music the Colorifics combine uptempo swing, sultry bossa nova, afro-cuban rhythms, cabaret noir (ala Kurt Weill), and a healthy nod to the pop music of 50s, 60s and 70s.  The resulting music is strong on melody, with clever and often satirical Cole Porter-esque lyrics, rich with emotion and drama ,and encompassing a huge variety of catchy danceable rhythms . After sharpening their chops in town and on the road a first album 'Living City' was released to much critical acclaim . Since then the Colorifics have toured across Canada several times as well as down the west coast of the USA, played a myriad of folk and Jazz festivals and recorded 2 more full length albums with a 4th currently being finished. Dressed in style to reflect the class and sass of their music the Colorifics are not only consummate musicians who obviously love music but also entertainers who love to perform.

The Colorifics are:

Bernard Boulanger - Bandleader, Songwriter, Guitarist, and Vocalist

Bernard began writing music on a family camping trip, composing his first musical masterpiece 'oh, my head is vibrating' while leaning against a car window. Giving up an embarrassing career in playing piano and a brief flirtation with trumpet, he settled on the guitar as there happened to be one available . Since then he has gone on to refine his abilities by exploring music from all cultures and points in history, and incorporating those explorations into his own compositions

Sarah Kennedy - Lead Vocalist

Sarah Kennedy responded to a craigslist add offering home-made cooking in exchange for a lesson on folding a fitted sheet and found herself at an audition for lead vocalist of the Colorifics. Having recently dropped out sleeping through Jazz school to perform around town, she was up for the challenge . From soft and sultry to belting out angst, Sarah brings to life the endlessly comical and enchanting lyrics of The Colorifics, with finesse.

John Rule - Drummer, Percussionist and Vocalist

John Rule, an actual UBC music school alumni, managed to resist the siren call of musical theatre and started playing in local blues bands to pay his dues. This eventually led to a spot in local alt/ska act Bob's Yer Uncle, and then finally, and naturally, the Colorifics. When not playing with the Colorifics he's riding the throne in almost every band on the sunshine coast and raising poultry to feed the local racoon and bear population.

Elmar Spanier - Bassist and Vocalist

Elmar Spanier is a bass player extraordinaire. Besides being triple jointed and capable of fitting into unusually small spaces he is also well versed in a myriad of musical styles. Having shared a stage with almost everyone of consequence, including the late great Billy Cowsill and the Blue Shadows, he is a rhythmic and melodic force to be reckoned with. The Colorifics are thrilled to have him grace their music with his solid, lovely bass playing,  sweet harmonies,  jovial personality and dark primeval spirituality.